Suspension Service Fees

Shock Service$139.99
Fork Service$139.99

Chassis Service Fees

Change Tire (Wheel On)$29.99
Change Tire (Wheel Off)$24.99
Bleed Brake System (Each End)$34.99
Nut and Bolt Check$39.99
Wash Bike$39.99
Check and Adjust Spokes$29.99
Airbox Modification$69.99
Oil Filter Change $35.99
Seat Cover Install$49.99
Wheel Relacing and TruingFrom $99.99
Basic Service PackageFrom $119.99
Pre-Race Prop PackageFrom $399.99
Install Hour Meter$59.99
Clean & Oil Airfilter (free with filter purchase)$29.99
Hourly Service Rate for Additional Service$75/Hour

Engine Service Fees

Diagnose BikeFrom $79.99
Check Valve Clearance$49.99
Check and Adjust Valve Clearance$129.99
Cylinder Head Service$249.99
Engine Leakdown Test$79.99
Crankshaft Rebuild$199.99
Transmission Polish$199.99
Install Valve Guides$199.99
Install Valve Seats$199.99
Two-Stroke Top End RebuildFrom $174.99
Four-Stroke Top End RebuildFrom $209.99
Two-Stroke Complete Engine RebuildFrom $384.99
Four-Stroke Complete Engine RebuildFrom $419.99
Rad Hose Install and Coolant Replacement$99.99
Spark Plug Cap Modification$99.99
Water Pump Seal Replacement$99.99
Primary Gear Modification$99.99
Subframe Modification$129.99
Vortex ECU ProgrammingPlease Call
Hone Cylinder$44.99
4 Stroke Engine Split Cases & ReassembleFrom $549.99
2 Stroke Engine Split Cases & Reassemble From $389.99
Honda/Suzuki Spark Plug Cap Modification$69.99
Hourly Service Rate for Additional Service$75/Hour