1. All riders must stop and sign-in at Pro Shop before proceeding to park


2. Know all of the rules before parking. If you do not have a rule sheet you can view them on the rule sign beside Pro Shop entrance


3. Absolutely no riding on any grass (no exceptions) This includes the sound barrier around the perimiter of the track


4. Please park near the edge of the grass fields so you do not have to ride across a field to get to the track


5. Do not cut the track at any spot. We are growing grass in many new areas of the track infeild for 2017 and do not want any riding. Do not cross or park on the infield of the track with your bike


6. Enter and exit the tracks/trails in designated areas only. Make sure you are going the correct direction before riding


7. Make sure that you are riding the correct track for your bike size and skill level, if you are unsure check with our staff


8. Clean up after yourself, there is no reason to be leaving behind garbage or a messy pit area


9. Respect your peers, on and off the track


10. A helmet is required at ALL times for riding, this includes in the pits


11. No doubling on bikes. ATV’s and side by side are permtitted for double riding but only on approved machines and in the trails


12. Golf carts are allowed, but ALL drivers must be signed in. Golf cart passengers are limited to the amount of seat spaces in a golf cart. No hanging off of it. Golf carts are only allowed in the pits. No track or trail riding


13. No pit racing - the pit area is for getting from your vehicle to the track and trails only. We do not allow speeds above first gear or 15km/h. The pits are not designed to be your riding area.


14. We strongly encourage you come riding with a friend and not ride alone.


Keep it fun and enjoy yourself, thats what we are all here for!







- All riders are responsible to know and abide by the rules and regulations set out by Gopher Dunes Inc. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the facility with no refund and will also be held responsible for any damages caused!


- For those who ride before siging in, you will face a $25 additional fine. This includes golf carts.


- Proper Riding Gear is required. It is mandatory to wear a proper off-road helmet, over the ankle boots, long sleeves, goggles, gloves and pants. We also recommend a chest protector, neck brace, mouth guard, elbow and knee guards. We do have gear rentals available


- Your machine must be in good operating condition. We do offer on site service - see Pro shop hours


Upon entering onto Gopher Dunes property, a sign is erected adjacent to the Gopher Dunes Pro Shop that reads as follows:






It is the utmost goal for Gopher Dunes Inc. to make safety its number one concern for any and everyone on the premises. In the same token, we expect all individuals to abide by our Rules & Regulations to help maintain the high level of safety that we continuously strive to achieve. Intentional injuries inflicted upon others is beyond our control and the abuse of alcohol is prohibited. Although safety is a top priority, we cannot prevent all damages or injuries from happening whether accidental or intentional. When signing a waiver, the individual states that he/she has read and is aware of the entire content of the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. They are assuming full responsibility for their actions and have resigned themselves from holding any individual or the premises itself responsible in any way whatsoever. Anyone not willing to abide by the rules and clauses of this waiver, must inform us of such, and they will be forbidden to enter the premises.


- All riders at Gopher Dunes Inc. must sign a waiver and indemnity form each and every time they ride at the premises. For those under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver. Minors must also annually complete and have signed a one-time waiver release form that is kept on file. Anyone failing to comply will be denied to ride and any unruliness could cause them to be escorted off the property and may face a surcharge and/or trespassing charges.


- Riding is permitted on the track and trails ONLY! Absolutely no riding on the sound barrier, in the hay fields or on any grassy areas!! Anyone damaging these areas will be prosecuted and held accountable and they will be escorted off the premises without refund.


- Any vandalism or destruction of trees or property will result in charges being laid.


- Bikes may be ridden in pit area at WALKING SPEED ONLY & riders must wear a helmet at all times! No double riding allowed on any track. Double riding is allowed on quads with up-seat or on side-by-sides, where each operator/passenger must be wearing a helmet, goggles and seatbelt – and this is allowed only in the trails.


- Trails are divided into 3 sections that never crisscross and all trails are marked and arrowed and one-directional: must follow A – B – C – D etc. throughout each trail. If a rider is stuck, broke down or injured, staff needs to be notified immediately.


- The main track, pee-wee track, arenacross track and beginner track are one direction ONLY, and marked as such. If you are unsure, please ask or watch other riders before entering onto the track.


- The beginner track is designed for children on 50cc to 100cc motorcycles who are just learning to ride. This is not for experienced riders or or big bikes. Failure to obey these rules will result in a minimum $50 fine.


- The peewee track is designed for 50cc to 65cc 2-strokes and 50cc to 149cc 4-strokes. Exceptions can but made but must be cleared with working staff member. Failure to obey these rules will result in a $50 fine.


- Riders are under obligation to check all trails and track for obstacles. Watch for hidden rocks, stumps, holes, fallen trees, branches, etc.


- No rider shall drain oil on the ground. All oil must be disposed of in proper containers. Failure to obey this rule will result in a $2,000.00 fine.


- Anyone riding or spectating at Gopher Dunes Inc. does so at their own risk. All children are the responsibility of the parents or their guardian. Make sure you know where your children are at all times!


- We allow fishing in the pond but do not allow swimming. No person is to be near the pond while irrigation equipment is operating


- Absolutely no alcohol or substance abuse allowed at Gopher Dunes Inc., that goes for spectators and participants alike.


- It is everyone’s obligation to help keep our environment clean and green, so please use the garbage bins.





Camping fee is $15 per vehicle per night and campers must notify us in advance if they are planning to camp overnight, or can let us know on their day of arrival.


For camping the night prior to certain MX races, in addition to the camping fee, the guests must also pay the gate admission fee. On  race weekends the gates open at 4pm until 11pm on the night prior to the race. After 11pm the Gates are Locked.


We ask that all of our overnight guests use common sense and express courtesy towards their fellow racers and to the staff and promoters of Gopher Dunes.


Please abide to the following rules:


1 – Keep your campsite clean and use the garbage bins!


2 – Campfires are allowed, but must be in a raised fire pit which you must provide. You are responsible to extinguish & clean up pit area.


3 – Before lighting your campfire, check with staff to confirm that their is no fire ban in place


4 – All children are the responsibility of their parents or their guardian. Make sure you know where your children are at all times!


5 – It is mandatory to use sealed containers to properly dispose of oil & gas.


6 – Absolutely no riding after track riding hours have ended. This includes ALL pit riding.


8 – All noise levels at minimal after 11pm, including generators.