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Founded in 1986, Gopher Dunes Inc. was started by Frank and Barb Schuster on the family tobacco farm that Frank grew up on. Frank  & Barb spent the next 30 years operating the business adding more and more events as each year past. In the winter of 2015, Frank and Barb's son Derek, Kerri his wife and Wayne Carroll along with his wife Carrie purchased the business and currently operate the facility. Gopher Dunes has grown into having the reputation of being Canada's toughest Motocross National along with hosting one of the biggest single day truck Mud bog's in North America.


MIDWEEK RATES: Rate: $22.12 + $2.88 hst = $25.00

WEEKEND & STAT DAYS — $26.55 pp + $3.45 hst = $30.00


MINORS Under 18 years of age MUST complete 2 forms Parental & Waiver




Annual Memberships available at $500.00 + 65.50 hst = $565.00


– Includes unlimited practice riding for 2018

– Free gate admission to 4×4 Mudfests



Family Memberships are available:

– $800.00 – 2 riders (family)

– $1125.00 – 3 riders (family)

– $1400.00 – 4 riders (family)

– $1500.00 – 5 riders (family)

** 13% hst is applicable to above rates **

(same family applies to parents & immediate children only)


Memberships can be purchased while you are at Gopher Dunes riding


If you have questions about our membership please email us at info@gopherdunes.com with the title - MEMBERSHIP INQUIRY


For regular updates on whats happening at the Dunes, we suggest that you give us a follow on one of our social media platforms. This is the quickest and easiest way to stay up to date on the latest news!



The main track covers 20 acres of property and is 1.8km in length. The soil consists of deep sand that gets rough and whooped out on busy days. This track is designed for bikes 85cc and up along with 2wd sport ATV's. No 4wd or utility ATV's are allowed on the track.



This track is for small bikes and ATV's and is 1.1 KM in length. The soil is sandy topsoil which does not get a rough or rutted as the main track. This course is designed for 50cc to 65cc 2-strokes and 50cc to 149cc 4-strokes.




Built in 2016 is our Arenacross track which covers an area of 280 ft. by 120 ft. The soil is hard clay with small stones. The laptimes are just over 30 seconds for an experienced rider. This track is for bikes only, see schedule to confirm which days the track is available to you.




The beginner track is designed for our Junior Red Rider Training Courses along with youth riders who are just starting out riding. The track is just over 1km in length and features grass track and a small portion of trail. This course is designed for 4-stroke bikes only under 110cc.




Our trail system features 3 one-directional trails that are 25km in total. The soil in the trails mainly consists of dark loamy top soil. Bikes of all sizes, ATV's and UTV's are all allowed to use the trails. A 3km bike ONLY single track section will be added in the summer of 2017.




A trials bike course will be under construction in the spring of 2017 and will be ready for use at some point in the year. Stay tuned for more details!